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The Animated Actors Timeline

The today’s animated actors timeline was the masterpiece of artist Jeff Victor. Jeff uses info on actor’s previous roles creating infographic like presentation of television shows and movie roles timeline. The two featured actors with most roles on today’s list are Johnny Depp and Tom Hanks with twice much roles than other actors. Next to them you will have chance to see previous roles of Natalie Portman, Bill Murray, Jack Nicholson, Batman roles, Kurt Russell, the legendary¬† Sigourney Weaver,¬† Biff Tannen¬† and Uma Thurman playing mostly in Tarantino’s Kill Bill… If you ask us there can be few more actors that deserve place in hallo of fame like Kevin Spacey and Arnold Schwarzenegger but we hope that Jeff Victor will have one more round of this awesome Animated actors Timeline so we can have chance to enjoy in few more actors… If you like this article stay up to date with our website or check out awesome list of few days ago about the Top 15 Forgotten Television Shows Of The 90s

Natalie Portman

Bill Murray

Jack Nicholson


Kurt Russell

Sigourney Weaver

Johnny Depp

Biff Tannen

Tom Hanks

Rick Moranis

Uma Thurman





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